The office of law firm Advocates is located on the first storey of the building located at the address: Kyiv city, Khreschatyk str., 25. There is a parking place for clients of the firm in the yard of the building.

Building no. 25 at Khreschatyk str. was constructed in 1954 upon the project of architect Anatolii Dobrovolskyi. This house situated at the terrain is a space composition from three parts: two eleven-storeyed structures located at a height of Khreschatyk and thirteen-storeyed building located at the back on the terrain. The uniqueness of this ensemble consists of sustaining wall and staircase joining Khreschatyk and upper site of the building; fountain “Khreschatyk” is located at the bottom.

Building at the address Khreschatyk 25 is one of the iconic structures of Khreschatyk, it is located on the rise and closes the perspective of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi str. House architecture has a severe style of Stalinist skyscrapers. The building is also popularly known as “Building with a star” or “Friendship”; it is one the main high-altitude centerpieces of modern Khreschatyk. It is interesting to note that it was the tallest building of Kyiv pending construction of Trade Centre (1981). And nowadays the modern and comfortable office of law firm Advocates is located in one of stately structures of Khreschatyk.


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