Law firm Advocated has an experience of work with media markets members; lawyers of the firm supported entrance of publishing firms and certain mass medias to Ukrainian market. Legal services for this sector include the establishment of media companies and their representative offices, development of corporate governance, drafting of standard-from contracts of investments attraction and internal loans, tax planning and structuring. industrial regulation, protection of copyright and other intellectual property items (by judicial procedure if necessary).

Lawyers of Advocates working in the field of media industry are able to offer special strategies aimed at achievement of short-term and long-term commercial purposes for various project models as well as to customize the project in accordance with ever-changing market conditions.

Law firm Advocates offers specialized advices concerning art and cultural valuables. We are oriented to keeping of long-term contact with our clients so we provide the decisions allowing to maximize or to reestablish the value of their art assets. We represent the interests of clients, professionals of art market – galleries as well as collectors, artists, funds and museums. Our services include:

  • Legal support of deals in the field of art (drafting of agreements on sale-purchase, pledge, bonded storage, lease of art objects, transfer of art objects into restoration and expert evaluation);
  • Donation, inheriting of art objects, transfer of copyright;
  • Credit agreements for exhibitions;
  • Drafting of claim on impaired property right;
  • Arrangement of purchase, sale of art objects, search for clients, closure and support of deals related to art objects;
  • Development of investment business projects in the field of art;
  • start of business in the field of art (concept development, preparation of business plan, advises on selection of premises, equipment, name of enterprise, registration of trade mark, recruitment, site development and training in operating procedures and communication with clients, collectors, art-institutions, business and art community, mass media).

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