Law firm Advocated supports all possible real estate transactions, provides legal support to companies from various fields of industry on the issues of environment protection legal regulation.

Our wide experience in the sector of immovable property includes all aspects of real estate transactions including purchase, construction, financing, investment, lease, operation and management of immovable property.

Projects related to immovable property are not the core business of many clients. We help them to deal with new and intricate questions, to find the effective solution. Resources and gathered for many years practical experience of Advocates team provides the reliable background ensuring to our clients the provision of high-quality legal services in the field of commercial immovable property.

Our services:

  • Purchase and sale of assets;
  • Investment and financing;
  • Enforcement instruments for financing deals;
  • Development and redevelopment;
  • Construction/reconstruction;
  • Infrastructure and utility provision;
  • Lease;
  • Assets management;
  • Privatization/public sale;
  • Due diligence;
  • Environmental, sanitary-protecting and environment-oriented aspects;
  • Approvals and licenses;
  • Disputes in the field of immovable property.

Taking into consideration the successful experience of project completion our legal support is especially valuable in the process of implementation of projects related to organization of work of office centers, logistic parks and autocenters.

Legal practice of Advocates in the field of environment protection is focused on provision of legal services to clients working on the development of environmentally friendly technologies, renewable energy resources and energy efficiency projects.



Depleted state of energy resources, global warming fears attract attention of business community and are the motivation for development of renewable energy sources. Climate legislation is a new multidisciplinary aspect of law combining international law, trade law, environmental legislation, financial, tax law etc.

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