There is a variety of reasons for running of business into financial difficulties that often require for urgent settlement in order to enable the fulfillment of obligations incurred by the company.

In the event that the company (and/or its payables or shareholders) deal with considerable reduction of financial indicators we develop together with financial advisers or with simple regard to business model worked out either by external consultant or by own efforts of client the possible models of restructuring of debt and assets of the company (when applicable); these models are oriented to continuous and consistent turnaround of the company. Advocates team studies thoroughly the outstanding debts of the company as well as the possible variants of legal arrangement of their restructuring, working closely if it is necessary with any group of stakeholders – management, business owners, payables un particular and contractors in a more comprehensive sense. According to the results of selection of the most favorable debt restructuring method we provide all necessary resources for performance of work on its legal arrangement and the implementation of developed and coordinated program.

Within the framework of the procedure of Restructuring and Corporate Recovery we provide in particular legal services on the following aspects:

  • Restructuring of financial obligations fulfillment security instruments;
  • Corporate management within the framework of financial obligations restructuring;
  • Support of disposal of non-core assets allowing on one side to put down overhead expenses for operation of non-core possibly unprofitable businesses and on other side – to enhance the common liquidity of the group;
  • Establishment of joint ventures, alliances and consortiums;
  • Corporate restructuring including business structure optimization;
  • Going out of business. In the event that for a number of reasons client makes decision on going out of business we develop and implement the legal aspect of the plan of going out of business. Involvement of our specialists enables going out of business with minimal losses of time and resources and possibly maximal financial payoff for the client.


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