Affluent persons, private entrepreneurs and family-owned companies have special interests and needs considered by our legal support. Protection and security assurance of bankroll, tax relief, growth and possibly intermediate transfer of bankroll to family and friends play the integral role here. Owners of private or corporate bankroll often want their business to be operated after their death (testaments, funds). Corresponding measures for this purpose have to be taken during their lifetime.

The extraordinary complexity in care of such clients consists in multidisciplinary approach. Responsible support can be provided exclusively by law firm understanding the comprehensiveness of the situation and having the competent staff. For this purpose deep knowledge of domestic and partially international law is needed especially in such fields as corporate law, tax law, family and inheritance law.

The legal support of family companies and private clients requires trust alongside with professional competence. We are oriented to international standards in this aspect as well as in the context of legal support. Being the representatives of lawyer profession we understand that in any case trust relations with clients are above all.

In that context we provide our clients with support on legal issues including issues of tax assessment, choice of the most favorable jurisdiction, legal security. Clients entrust us with tasks related both to business interests within their family and business-relations of separate family members and partners.

We pay special attention to issues of protection of rights and information on our clients. Tasks of this kind are characterized by high level of confidentiality so the information on projects is not disclosed.

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