Our thorough knowledge of all aspects of business operation helps affluent private persons, professional investors, top managers of companies from various economic sectors to implement successfully ideas of new income generation providing necessary support for sustainable growth and prosperity of their business. Usually clients apply to Advocates at the stage of analysis of possibilities for start-up or start of new line within the existing business as well as immediately at the stage of business development.

Development of business structures that are the most favorable for client in the context of tax burden level is one of the key specialization profile of Advocates; this is achieved by transfer of tax assessment base into jurisdiction with lower level of tax assessment, upkeep cost, defense of beneficiary interests and assets, transparency, simplicity of management.

Possibilities of Advocates in the field of strategic consulting in combination with due diligence are often the additional advantage for our clients as far as they enable to complete tasks simultaneously related to business planning, business processes optimization, business profitability management.

Applications of business owners, top management of international and domestic companies, professional private investors to us often deal with contractual structuring of business, projects and deals that is related to the necessity of correct structuring of contract from a practical prospective and support of their implementation in order to ensure maximal coordination and correctness of compliance in the whole chain of contractual relations.

Lawyers of Advocates have the great experience in the development and support of purchase-sale agreements as the main leverage of optimization used in trade schemes, agency contracts and contracts for distribution for the purpose of provision of chain business or implementation of tax or operating avoidance schemes, comprehensive contractual schemes, contractual structuring of projects and business for building up of favorable contractual relations for startup or restructured business.

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