Present-day realias necessitate paying particular attention to business security provision which is one of key aspects of its maintenance and further enhance.

We assist our clients in business facilitation providing its continuous and efficient operation, acquisition of expected earning level as well as the appropriate level of corporate rights, assets and beneficiary privacy defense. We are especially good in settlement of disputes of any complexity when it is a case of defense of business and interests of our clients.

We are ready to offer to our clients the proven technology of business security. Our professionals implement comprehensive programs on business structure optimization, enhancement of its security, safety assets holding, legal defense of top team, document flow of the enterprise, establishment of information security modes within the present project.

Our system of business defense includes:

  • comprehensive enterprise security audit;
  • business security advice (guarding, staff, economical aspects);
  • check of business reputation of contractors, prospective partners, investors, top-managers;
  • supervision of performance of duties, meeting the corporate requirements and compliance with commercial secret regimen by employees and officials of the enterprise,
  • representation of interests ahead of debtors – legal entitites, assistance in debt recovery, establishment of location and property of debtor;
  • carrying out of internal investigations and checks;
  • risk assessment during conclusion of contracts and deals;
  • carrying out of sample purchase, “secret shopper” action;
  • detection and documenting of law violations, gathering and recording of evidences, preparation of documents for apply to law enforcement authorities;
  • advocatory defense during carrying out of investigatory actions (searches, seizures, arrests);
  • application of special procedures of assets protection;
  • measures against illegal seizure.

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