Advocates appreciates every client and provides decisions developed in each individual case with regard to specific requirements. Furthermore we rely on universal terms in the absence of additional information in the course of analysis. Advocates holds strong positions in the practice of disputes settlement.


We perform mediation where the amicable extra-court settlement is possible but only in cases when the debtor is ready and able to agree to the procedure of mediation. The mediation procedure includes:


  • Analysis of documents;
  • Preparation of memorandum with description of situation and possible ways of dispute settlement;
  • Presentation and explanation to client and debtor of rules and procedure of mediation performance;
  • Explanation of position of parties in legal and commercial aspect by means of personal meeting, telephone negotiations, email communication;
  • Discussion of possibilities of consensus-building with client;
  • Signing of amicable agreement between the parties


We assist clients at the early stages of dispute settlement providing advices on strategy of case conducting, Evaluating possible variants of recovery, Developing and implementing the scheme of restructuring, discussing its conditions and in the case of necessity performing dispute settlement at the court.

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